Judy Hedding - net champ and Cora Lathom - gross champ for State Medallion 2018/2019 season

Oakwood Lady Niners - State Medallion

What is State Medallion?
Each year the Arizona Golf Association (“AGA”) conducts this tournament. Both 18-hole and 9-hole leagues throughout Arizona hold competitions to see which of their members will represent their club at the AGA Championship event, usually held in January of the following year. IronOaks has hosted the statewide event several times. The location for the January 2021 State Medallion Championship has not yet been announced.


Who Can Compete in the Oakwood Lady Niners State Medallion?
All members who have an established handicap by February 1, 2020 may participate. There’s no extra charge. The sign-up sheet for participants is posted on our bulletin board in the Pro Shop.


How Does it Work?
On the four play dates mentioned below the league will be playing the Sonoran course. Those people who choose to participate in the State Medallion will use the yellow tee boxes. The club’s AGA Representative will track the scores, gross and net. There will be one winner for best total gross score for two rounds, and one winner for best total net score for two rounds. That two-person team will advance to the AGA State Medallion Championship to represent our club.


How are Winners Calculated?
The total of the two best out of four scores for each player are used to determine the low gross and low net winners. That means that you don’t have to play on all four dates in order to qualify but you must play at least twice on the designated State Medallion days. Handicaps are capped at 20.2, but don’t worry if your handicap is higher than that; I’ll do the math! The winner of each category (gross and net) will receive an award from our league. The registration fee for the AGA State Medallion Championship for those two winners will be paid for by our league.


What are this year’s dates?

 December 17, 2019
 January 28, 2020
 February 11, 2020
 March 10, 2020
Those who sign up may compete on any subsequent State Medallion date. In any case, for 2019/2020, participation is limited to those signing up no later than February 1, 2020 (that would leave two of the four event dates left to play).
If you would rather not participate in the State Medallion competition, that’s OK! Just don’t sign up! The league will still play golf on those dates, and you are welcome to play from whichever tee box you’d normally use. As usual, chits will also be awarded to the winners of that day’s game.
Questions? Just ask me
Kathryn Pfeffer - AWGA Committe Chair - kathrynpfeffer55@gmail.com - 817-818-90668
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